Most people suck at storytelling.

But storytelling is the secret to a great eulogy.

We guarantee to write you a custom eulogy  in 24 hours and avoid the 7 typical storytelling mistakes.

Writing a eulogy is tough; the time crunch - family from out of town to host – comfort to be given to everyone – your own grief.  Writing a eulogy in the midst of all that is often virtually impossible even if you are an accomplished writer.

Help is on the way. We can write a beautiful tribute to your loved one and have it to you within 24 hours.

And We'll Make You A Star.

There's nothing cookie cutter here.   A great eulogy needs to be about storytelling.

Our writers have been composing eulogies for over thirty years – amazing eulogies that touch the heart, honor your loved one and tell his or her story in the best way possible. (Read what our customers have to say, below.)

A eulogy that will capture their essence in the way only a professional writer can.  Because every life has an important story to share. 

The qualities that made you love them.  Things that need to be told on the day of their final goodbye.

The goal is to reflect and highlight the personality and life of the deceased. 

And to establish the significance of the deceased's life.  To show how they touched people.  And the value they brought to this world.

If you've ever gotten in front of people to give a speech and decided to "wing it", consider this:

You wouldn't see actors show up on the set and say whatever they want when the camera rolls.  A play or a movie is planned, scripted, and rehearsed.  

You need not risk guesswork. 

There is a science to crafting a eulogy and keys to holding an audience's interest. 

Our job is to take your words and organize your thoughts and artfully phrase your memories in such a way that you will be proud to present the story of the one you loved and lost.

Our writers are remarkably adept at picking up your ‘voice’ and tailoring the eulogy to the way you speak and use the words you use. 

You will be highly complimented for the eulogy you present, and no one will ever know you had help in the background.  And if someone should happen to discover that fact, they will be impressed that you cared enough to have the highest quality eulogy for your loved one possible.

You'll walk up to the podium with the confidence of a bullfighter, knowing you're going to "kill it" when you give your speech.

When you present the right eulogy - one that brings out the positive and great memories of your loved one - you can completely transform the mood of the funeral. 

This is the truth behind great speeches - by presenting with heart

There is no greater way to honor the one you’ve loved and lost than to present an outstanding eulogy in a creative manner.

How it all happens:

You will be sent a questionnaire that asks numerous questions about your loved one. Questions like,

  • your favorite memories 
  • or what made them special
  • Their favorite things and sayings.  
  • What stories of their childhood did they tell?
  • How would you describe their outlook on life?
  • Would you describe him/her as quiet or outgoing or something else?
  •  What did they do for a living? For what company? For how long? Had they retired?
  • Are there any stories about his/her work life that you remember? Share one or two.
  • Name three things they enjoyed doing
  • What do you think he/she would say were the biggest achievements of his/her life (other than having and raising family)
  • What made you love him or her?

Many people find that just filling out the questionnaire is such a cathartic experience that the healing of their grief is quickened. One person said the questionnaire was worth the price of a grief counselor.

I have chosen our eulogy writers carefully.  Steve Schafer and Ralph DiBiasio-Snyder, each have over 30 years of experience.  Both have officiated at hundreds of funeral and memorial services, and their care and compassion shows in their writing.

They will weave your memories and your words and your love into an eulogy that you will be proud to present. Our Eulogies are approximately 1000 words and  6 to 7 minutes long.  (Which is the ideal length for an eulogy speech.)

This may be one of the most important speeches you will ever give.   And we've made it easy for you.

Having a eulogy professionally written is as easy  as 1,2,3.

  1. Click on  the link below to the, to purchase your eulogy speech.  You will receive  $30 off the price.
  2. You will then be taken to a questionnaire page for you to complete and submit. 
  3. Receive a GREAT eulogy via email by tomorrow which will be approximately 1000 words in length and will be 6 to 7 minutes in length.  

The regular price is $278.00 US

Sale Price

$248.  US

We promise to make you a star when you deliver your speech.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.  Our writers will work with you until you are completely satisfied.

We encourage you to go a step beyond and actually have the eulogy printed with your loved one’s photo on the front. Inside it could be titled something like, “A Eulogy for my Grandfather presented by Julie Jones” . People upon leaving, can take copies and keep them as treasured keepsakes.  

What Our Customers Say;

What a few our Eulogy Purchasers have said: 

I can't thank you enough for your help in preparing the eulogy for my Mom. You took my scattered thoughts and memories and composed the most beautifully written eulogy that really captured her essence. I'm so happy I found you. Many blessings to you.  - Edie M.

Thank you for preparing a eulogy for my mother. Everybody really enjoyed it and were deeply moved. You made my words come to life, and you really helped me express and share my mothers life and legacy. Thank you again for your services and helping me through this difficult time.   - Alex C.

I am so impressed by how you were able to take all the "stuff" I gave you and write the story.  This was done wonderfully well.  Thank you very very much.                                                                                                      - Paula D.

"Amazing! An awesome eulogy - - and done by the next day! I'd have gladly paid twice what you charge. "
  Carl H.

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