Elvis Funeral Theme

An Elvis funeral theme?

John's friends had been by his side throughout his cancer treatments, and then sadly his last weeks at home. They had had time to say their goodbyes and now for his funeral they wanted to celebrate John's life with laughter instead of sorrow.

As John was a huge fan of Elvis, his friends said a special farewell in the "King's" honor. John was a true Elvis lover, so his friends thought it only appropriate to have an Elvis theme to his funeral.

They donned Elvis wigs and sunglasses, wore black or denim, and of course scarfs. At the family gathering after the service, they sang a number of John's favorite Elvis songs.

elvis funeral

It is said that laughter is the greatest healer of pain. Even John's family was brought to laughter when they saw the effort his friends had gone to - to celebrate his life. 

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