A Poem Celebrating The Special Life Of One With Down Syndrome

They said on his first day on earth,

Better far if he'd died at birth.

How could they know.

How could they tell the joy he'd bring,

He taught our hearts the way to sing,

We loved him so.

We learned together through the years

To show the joy, but hide the tears,

They must not see.

They'd never learn the hurt they caused 

Through thoughtless stares that on him paused

So carelessly.

And as he grew, we never grieved

To see how little he achieved,

No praise he'd lose.

His progress made in life's tough school

We measured with a shorter rule

Than scholars use.

I can't believe he owed his day

To some genetic disarray

Wrongly conceived.

He came into this world, and there

He lived to teach us how to care.

This he achieved.


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