Poems Celebrating The Special Life
Of One With Down Syndrome

They said on his first day on earth,
Better far if he'd died at birth.
How could they know.
How could they tell the joy he'd bring,
He taught our hearts the way to sing,
We loved him so.

We learned together through the years
To show the joy, but hide the tears,
They must not see.
They'd never learn the hurt they caused
Through thoughtless stares that on him paused
So carelessly.

And as he grew, we never grieved
To see how little he achieved,
No praise he'd lose.
His progress made in life's tough school
We measured with a shorter rule
Than scholars use.

I can't believe he owed his day
To some genetic disarray
Wrongly conceived.
He came into this world, and there
He lived to teach us how to care.
This he achieved.


We Can Create A Custom Poem For You;

Our in-house poet Judith can create a one-of-a-kind poem about your loved one:

Jack was born with Down Syndrome and lived to be 59 years young.   Here is the poem Judith created, that was inserted into the Celebration of Life program:


Jackie’s love of life, his own special trait

And personality as bright as the sun

His outlook on life was like Snow White

That ‘We are never too old to have fun’

And Jackie knew just how to do that

With his happy and fun loving ways

Such a fan of all celebrations

Christmas and birthdays, his favourite days


His birthday each June was so special

A cake and party, with presents galore

He would grin from ear to ear at the Stomping Tom songs

Which he could listen to for evermore!

Joni would lead and insist we joined in

To sing the chorus of his favourite songs

Like ‘The Hockey Song’ & ‘Margo’s Cargo’

Jack was thrilled when we would all sing along


Jackie’s family all truly doted on him

With a lifetime of tender loving care

Mom Elaine, Sister Jane and all the others

So much family joy they all shared

His unique relationships with his siblings

Were marked with their own special name

Jackie gave each one his personal touch

And MinMin, Face, Shai and Ooley they became!


Jackie had many other favourite things

Like A&W meals, Lottery tickets, and Halloween

Also his own special bench to watch the trains go by

Waving at passengers, he’d often be seen!

Jackie also was fascinated with cemeteries...

And he would visit them, sometimes several a day

Is it possible his sixth sense felt something special

And some comfort was shared in some way?


Jackie will be such a big miss to us all

But his life was truly lived to the full!

And the lessons he leaves us are so profound

Because he showed us life’s too short to be dull!

Jackie will always have a place in our hearts

And his energy and joy will remain

And we might just take ourselves a bit less seriously...

As we wave at that next passing train!

Another poem written about a wonderful man with Down Syndrome;

Georgie, the fifth gift to his parents

Raised with his siblings with tender loving care

Defying doctor’s grim outlook, he made life his own

And exceeded all expectations with flair!

Cheered on by his siblings with love and praise

His talents and personality shone through

His ear for all music made him a star

Played in a band, with his own ‘fan club’ too!


Georgie could light up a room with his smile

And there was no one he didn’t like

His loving heart had room for one and all

And loved adventures out walking or on his bike

He sometimes forgot to tell anyone though...

So search parties were often carried out

He worried and aged us all at these times

But the ‘young adventurer’ was what Georgie was about!


After losing both parents by the age of 23

Brother John dedicated his life to his care

With other siblings and their families lending a hand

We loved and cared for him for the next 30 years

In return, he truly blessed all our lives

Learning from him, as he gave a world of joy

He rose to all challenges, and conquered each one

Just as he did as an adventurous young boy


Georgie’s memory and recall were phenomenal

He never forgot a name or a face

He could hear a piece of music, and know who it was

And knew his 3000 model cars by year and make!

We’re so proud of every one of achievements

Lifetime endeavours, more than most could hope to make

He loved the Special Olympics bowling trips

With all the trophies as the icing on the cake


Georgie will be such a big miss to us all

But we are blessed with his memory always

And the lessons he leaves us are so profound

And will be with us for the rest of our days

Georgie has a special place in our hearts

And is energy and joy will live on

A loving, adventurous inspiration to us all

His great gift that he gave to everyone


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