Don't grieve for me I did not die.
I was merely called away.
I did not want to leave you,
But neither could stay.

But I'm just a thought away from you.
You need not speak a word.
Just think my name and I'll be near.
Every thought of yours is heard.

I know you cannot hear my voice,
or see me when I'm there.
But it is I who tilts that picture.
And moves that cushion on the chair.

I am that movement that you think you see.
The butterfly kiss upon your hair.
The gossamer caress upon your cheek,
you touch as you become aware.

So try to smile my dearest one.
Then I can smile with you.
For when you cry it breaks my heart.
Then I am crying too.

So don't be sad I moved away.
I really did not travel far.
I still hear every word you say.
I am with you no matter where you are.

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