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A typical customer feedback:

"OMG! I wouldn't change a thing. It's absolutely wonderful.  You captured everything perfectly.  I'm in tears. Thank you so very much."  Stacy

The Problem With Most Funeral Poems

Amidst planning for the funeral, and feeling like you've been kicked in the stomach, you're trying to hunt down a poem for the service that will, in some small way, express your love for your beloved.

A poem that will capture their essence. Not the typical, generic lines of poetry.

The classic poems really don’t reflect the true image of your loved one, do they?

A lot of them use imagery that goes way over most people’s head.

And the popular poems are used time and time again, and start to sound like a broken record.  Even the best poems need an update.

If you’ve never settled for the ordinary before,  why would you want to start now?

Would you like a poem that is the difference between memorable and unmemorable?  A poem that is truly one of a kind, completely dedicated to the story of your loved one.  

The Solution To A Memorable Funeral Poem

We will create for you a custom personalized funeral poem, inspired by  your loved one.  A poem that you will always cherish. That can be  framed and displayed.   A poem that your family and friends will want a copy for a keepsake. 

Our funeral poem maker and poet, Judith, will lovingly write a poem that includes the things that made your loved one so special.

  • Why you loved them.  
  • A poem that is completely original.
  • A custom poem that will bring tears and smiles to those in attendance at the service.
  • A custom poem that your family will hug you after hearing it and be forever grateful to you for your efforts.
  • A funeral poem that is designed especially for you.  That will convey your heartfelt affection and a reflection of how you feel about your loved one.

An Example of Our Custom Funeral Poems;

When Sheryl's father passed away, she searched through all the poems and came up empty.

Nothing really captured his essence or described the ways in which he was special.

So she turned to Creative Funeral Ideas and asked us to write her a poem.

She wrote how he loved to have fun, and was an explorer and traveler.  He loved his Norwegian Viking heritage.  Loved animals, camping with the family, big lakes, and was the life of the party.  And his battle with cancer.

Here is the poem Judith wrote:

Claire Torgerson

We remember Torg with memories and love
As the greatest Dad and friend

Husband, Grandpa and much, much more
A love that shall be without end

His courageous battle with cancer
Was conducted with dignity and grace
Like the life he lived, so fearless and brave

He confronted the journey he faced

    His days were filled with activity and fun
An explorer in body and mind

Like his Viking heritage name
‘Torg’ was truly one of a kind

A seeker of knowledge with a thirst for life
To experience, learn and discover
And family times with camping and games

Will be treasured like no other

 Fisherman, boater and sportsman alike
His interests were spread far and wide

Like the ‘Big Waters’ he loved so much
As he soaked up life’s wonders with pride

He loved animals and people on equal terms
His quest for knowledge never through
And a listening ear, which was always fine tuned

As he loved a good story or two

Though his journey on Earth may be conquered
His traveller spirit still prevails
In his passage to celestial glory

To discover what the next world entails

His memory will always be treasured
Even though we are now separate
A piece of his adventure remains with us all

And his ‘life of the party’ celebrated

Judith C. Adamson

"That is just fantastic Judith! You wrote like you knew him! What a gift! I can't wait to share it with my family. God Bless You!"   - Sheryl

What Our Purchasers Are Saying:

This is BEAUTIFUL!!!!  Thank you so very much!  I have cried happy tears every time I have read this poem.  You don't know how much this means to us...so happy I  found you on line!! Sandra

Click here to read the poem Judith created for Sandra's mom.

Well, we sent mam off with a funeral to remember mostly due to your fantastic words. We made her proud standing up in front of a packed out church reading words and phrases that reflected the wonderful lady we knew as 'our mam'. The whole congregation applauded when we finished, someone commenting that the only other funeral that they can remember applauding at was Princess Diana's. Many commented that "it was the nicest funeral they'd been too" and that was partly due to the wonderful words we read out to make the saddest day of our lives into the celebration and thanksgiving for the brilliant years and memories we made together as a family. We heard more laughs than cries which comforted my dad and us. The horse shoe pic not only represented the luck mam had in her life but how lucky we were to have had her as our mam, grandmother and as my dad has had to have her as a devoted wife. I can never begin to say a big enough thank you for your poetry. Continue the fantastic work as I am under no doubt you will bring huge comfort to many more families through your fantastic talent.

Forever grateful, Leigh

Dear Judith 
I wanted to thank you so very much for my poem. It was so touching to friends and family . The priest read it to all and was so moved and touched by it.  I placed it in a beautiful frame. I  added white roses and flowers to the corners along with two doves. The priest blessed it and handed back to me and said you should keep this, it's so beautiful and mom was so touched to hear it.  Friends and family were also so touched by it. I had people I didn't even know come up to me and say beautiful and then hug me.
Once again thank you.  Doreen

Click here to read the poem written for Doreen

Or Create A Farewell Poem To Say Goodbye To Your Family

Several of our customers have asked us to create for them a farewell poem, to be read at the service.  The poem can express your love, joy, pride, memories of your family, with parting thoughts that may be too emotional for you to express to them in person.  

What a beautiful parting gift to your loved ones!

"Hello Judith.  I just read the poem you wrote for me, and it was so beautiful.  You captured me in the exact words I would like to have used, but couldn't do it myself.  The poem fits me perfectly and left the exact message I wanted for my family."

It's As Easy As 1,2, 3!

Judith can create a poem just for you.

Judith will translate your feelings into poetryas a special token of your love for your loved one.

Judith has created poetry about grandmothers, grandfathers, mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, nieces and nephews, aunts and uncles.

Her poetry has also helped folks convey their feelings when they were at a loss for what to say when it came to sensitive subjects such as an estranged family member, death by suicide, or by drug overdose.

So say farewell to the ordinary and separate yourself and your loved one, from all others.

Judith is a worker bee, toiling several hours on each poem. She  knocks every poem 'out of the park'. You might expect to have to pay hundreds of dollars for an original poem of this calibre.

The price is $149. U.S.

We will ask you to fill out a form to tell us about your loved one.  Such things as;

  • your favorite memories 
  • or what made them special? 
  • Why you loved them?
  • Their favorite things and sayings.  
  • Their acts of kindness or courage.
  • and whatever you would like included in the poem.

Also if the poem will be;

  • read aloud, inserted in the funeral program, or given out as a hand out?   
  • Would you like it to be religious, (as in mention of an after-life)  or non-religious?

Within 4 to 7 days Judith will create a poem. She will review it with you to see if any changes are required.   

Upon completion you will receive a printable Word document that can be printed and is suitable for inserting in the funeral program.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


You will also receive  an attractive 8 x 10 decorative poster in pdf format of your one-of-a-kind funeral remembrance poem.  It is perfect for framing. (Buy now Using Credit Card or Debit)

Note: We currently have a 1 week  delivery time.

$149. U.S.

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Thank you so much for this. It means so much to me that I've been able to get everything I wanted to say into this and it's written beautifully. I am so impressed with all the attention to detail and the service and attention you have given. In a time of sadness you have made me find something I can be proud of for my grandma.   Emma Shaw

“Judith you are absolutely amazing to work with!!! I threw a bunch of information at you and you compiled it all into an amazing poem. The final project exceeded my expectations. You had me laughing and crying at the same time! Thanks!”

“Wow that’s absolutely AWESOME – I’m crying!!! I can’t believe you have been able to capture everything we needed to say in just the way we needed to say it – and sum up his personality to a ‘T’, even though you didn’t know him! What an amazing talent you have, Judith! Truly XXXXX Awesome

Judith, the poem is wonderful!  God has blessed you with an awesome talent. Money is tight and I debated about getting the poem, but it is the best money I've ever spent.You are wonderful and I am so proud of the poem. I think Mark would have liked it too. Nancy

Thank you so very, very much, Judith. It's absolutely beautiful. Perfect. Just perfect.  God bless you for your lovely effort and achievement.   Elizabeth Salave

My daughters and I have reviewed this through many tears.  We think you have done a great job in capturing the essence of Mike with just the few ideas I sent. Thank you so much. No changes required! Joan

Inserting Your Poem Into A Funeral Program;

After receiving your poem, open the Word document and select Copy and Paste to insert the poem text into the funeral program template.

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