Creative Funeral Food

Looking for creative funeral food? How about a cake? A cake is normally used to celebrate a special event like a birthday or a graduation ceremony. Cakes are a central part of our celebratory culture and are normally a signal of an event that we wish to remember.

Although we normally consider funerals to be an event which is both sad and moving, there is no reason why a cake cannot be used to celebrate the life of someone special in our lives. When used properly, a cake can be used to create an essential part of a memorial service that will linger in everyone's minds long after the funeral service itself.

Cup and Cupcakes

These days it is more common to celebrate the life of the dearly departed friend or family member, simply because it is in our nature to take a more positive outlook.

It is also because we realize the positive impact that someone has made upon our lives is something to be treasured and remembered, at a funeral service is the easiest vehicle through which we can do this.

As part of the celebration of someone's life we are used to using cakes to mark special events. There is no doubt that a funeral is an equally special event which can be marked by a specially created cake that will not only mark the occasion in a celebratory worry but can also be a solemn creation that will make any funeral a little bit different but more memorable at the same time.

During a funeral service, there are many moments where we are given pause to reflect on the life of the dearly departed. During a eulogy for instance, we are given the chance to think about special events that have occurred during that special someone's life that we can laugh about, cry about or simply to quietly reflect on.

It is at the celebratory phase of any funeral service that cake could be introduced that will provide the unexpected impact that will make the service completely unique and memorable.

A cake can be designed to highlight the happy and celebratory points of a person's life for example sporting achievements, academic highlights or just something peculiarly quirky about the dearly departed.

The design of the cake is an important consideration as it can be shaped to jog the memory of those special occasions and can add a moving humorous touch to an otherwise tragic occasion. Many people choose to have a wake after a funeral service where food and drink is served. This could also be the most appropriate time to introduce a cake as a reflection of the person’s life and the milestones they created along their journey.

At the time of anyone's death close friends and relatives struggle with highly strong emotions as they come to grips with an event which although they may have known was coming, they find equally difficult to deal with.

It is sometimes useful to have a distracting method to drop rice into the present, and a celebratory Memorial cake could be just the thing to remind us of someone special.

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