By One's Own Hand

by Richard John Scarr
(Brighton, East Sussex, England )

It is a tragedy at any time,
when a life comes to an end.
But the sense of loss we feel depends,
on whether family or friend.

But friend or kin. Can it be a sin
when a poor demented soul?
Driven by torment too much to bear,
is no longer in control?

Yet there are those who would condemn.
And cry: "They broke God's law!"
And claim that Heaven will be denied,
to those not deserving any more.

But do those who set themselves to judge,
and preach: "For them-- damnation waits!"
know so little of their God?
They see him guarding Heaven's Gates?

Filled with wrath and venting spleen.
On such poor souls whose only sin.
A tormented mind that lost its way.
And could not face another day.

Or those whose every painful hour.
A living hell beyond belief.
And returning home once more to God,
their only way to find relief.

'Tis enough these souls will judge themselves.
They will not be judged or held to blame.
But welcomed into Heaven's Realms.
And with love-- nursed back to health again.

So if you have lost someone you love.
Who went by their own hand.
Be assured, they live with peace of mind.
In God's loving and forgiving Land.

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