We believe every life has a story to share.

Susan, Certified Funeral Celebrant

At Creative-Funeral-Ideas we believe that everyone can design and create a unique service that tells the story of their loved one, and our mission is to help you do just that.

The goal is to create a personalized and individualized service to reflect and highlight the personality and life of the deceased.  And to establish the significance of the deceased's life.  To show how their life touched people.  And the value they brought to this world.

Our services are often used by people who have no church affiliation. Or folks that want to focus on the life that has passed, rather than the religious aspect.

Why did I Establish Creative Funeral Ideas?

Creative Funeral Ideas was founded in 2007 to help people plan a better funeral, memorial service or Celebration of Life, with less stress.

Rather than having to spend hours searching for various ideas, poems, quotes, and music, you will find a volume of ideas in one place to help you in planning your service.

You will also find several products such as templates for the handout program at the service, templates for the obituary and creating an eulogy,  Sample Service programs, and a custom funeral poem about your loved one.  

And if it is important to you, you will also discover ways to decrease your costs.  No other industry is able to get away with such huge mark-ups...simply because of our reluctance to deal with death.  

Recently my eldest brother passed away after a battle with cancer. As 'the aunt', I became the overseer in all the funeral decisions and was able to save his family over $3000 in costs - just from using the information I share with you on this site.

"Susan,I cannot thank you enough for all the useful information we have found on your website. It has saved us hours of stress at such a difficult time. thanks again. Regards  Jayne "

Well, we sent mum off with a funeral to remember mostly due to your fantastic words. We made her proud standing up in front of a packed out church reading words and phrases that reflected the wonderful lady we knew as 'our mam'. The whole congregation applauded when we finished, someone commenting that the only other funeral that they can remember applauding at was Princess Diana's. Many commented that "it was the nicest funeral they'd been too" and that was partly due to the wonderful words we read out to make the saddest day of our lives into the celebration and thanksgiving for the brilliant years and memories we made together as a family. We heard more laughs than cries which comforted my dad and us. The horse shoe pic not only represented the luck mam had in her life but how lucky we were to have had her as our mam, grandmother and as my dad has had to have her as a devoted wife. I can never begin to say a big enough thank you for your poetry. Continue the fantastic work as I am under no doubt you will bring huge comfort to many more families through your fantastic talent.

Forever grateful, Leigh

We passionately believe that having the right kind of service is important

There is no getting away from it.  You are going to hurt when your loved one dies.  

The ritual of a funeral is important. It bring us together.  I think today's modern society is starved for rituals.  And it is a time for everyone to support each other in their loss.

We want our loved one to live on in the lives of those who remember us.  And to have a service that celebrates the life of your loved one.

If you have a question I am happy to talk to you.  Or if there is something you were looking for on our site and didn't find, then click on the link below and ask!

I am here to help you. 

Hopefully this site has been able to help you with your service. My deepest sympathies to you at this important time.


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