Appropriate Flowers For A Funeral

Funeral Flowers

In choosing appropriate flowers for a funeral there are some rule of thumbs to follow.

The white lily, or Arum lily is associated with Christian images of sorrow or bereavement. The ultimate appropriate funeral flower, this lily is also suitable for funerals in many other faiths.

Indeed, white is the colour of mourning in most Asian cultures. 

For Christian funerals all colors tend to be used. For the traditionalist, a combination of red and white flowers continue to be appropriate for wreaths and funeral tributes. 

Choose Type of Arrangement

Flora Queen

Age of the deceased is another factor that should be taken into account when selecting appropriate flowers for a funeral. A funeral for an older person will usually require more traditional wreaths and arrangements.

Other options are sympathy bouquets and baskets, as well as floral hearts, sprays and sheaves. 

For the funeral of a child, flowers in the form of favorite toys or cartoon characters are an option. Always be sure to take the sensibilities of the family into account when making your choice. 

Alternatively, you could try to reflect the personality or lifestyle of the deceased in the floral tribute. The florist's skillful hands can create anything from champagne bottles to football shirts at your request.

A further option is to present a bouquet made up of the late person's favorite flowers. 

Sympathy flowers are normally sent as soon as you learn of the death, however it is entirely appropriate to send a couple weeks later to late the bereaved know you are thinking of them long after the service has passed.

It is best to send the flowers to the home of the bereaved rather than the funeral home.  The bereaved will know you send them, and they can select which flowers they want at the service.

We have partnered with one of the best flower companies so that you can easily send a sympathy gift of flowers to anywhere in the world in minutes.  There are lots of choices of truly gorgeous and affordable bouquets. 

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