AND THEY CRY TOO. Funeral poem

by Richard John Scarr
(Brighton, East Sussex England)

Losing someone whom you love.
Can be a devastating thing.
And those who suffer such a loss.
Know what what grief and pain it brings.

But if they could only understand.
We mortals do not die.
But merely move from life to life.
And there is no cause to cry.

Of course we miss the ones we love,
when taken from our sight.
But they went because it was their time.
To return back home to Love and Light.

Now they living in a Wondrous World.
Free from woes or pain.
Would you begrudge their idyllic life?
And wish them back again?

They will be waiting in the Summer Land,
when your time is due.
In the meantime, when you think of them.
Those thoughts will bring them through.

And although they have moved beyond the Veil.
They are nearer than you think.
And your thoughts will travel through to them.
Faster than the eye can blink.

They are still the same. They have not changed.
And because they love you too.
Every time you cry for them.
Then they will cry for you!

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