by Richard J SCARR

Oh great and glorious Spirit.
Whose voice I hear in the wind.
Whose breath gives life to the whole wide world.
And who strives to keep us from sin.

I come as one of your children.
I stand here small and weak.
In need of you strength and your wisdom.
May I walk in the beauty I seek.

Let me ride on the plains with my brothers.
And canoe on the rivers and lakes.
Make my ears ever sharp to hear your voice.
Make my hands respect all you create.

Make me wise and teach me the lessons.
You have hidden in each leaf and stone.
The things you have taught all your children.
Let me not walk in ignorance alone.

Make me strong, but not for wrong reasons.
I do not seek power or wealth.
But to conquer my greatest of enemies.
Which is, and always will be, myself!

And when I finally reach my last sunset.
And I hear your voice calling my name.
I can come to your Lodge with straight eyes.
For my spirit will be without shame.

Converted to verse from an old Indian Prayer. Author unknown.

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