by R J Scarr
(Brighton East Sussex, England )

Our life's book began when I met you.
Countless pages recorded in time.
All the good things, some bad and indifferent.
All the shared things that gave our life rhyme.

You were more than my spouse, my old darling.
You were always the best friend I had.
I couldn't bear you be grief filled and lonely.
And give thanks it was I left here sad.

So I wont close the book, my old darling.
Or tuck it away on the shelf.
l'll let it lie open at the last page we turned.
For it reads: "Both in sickness and health."

It's my favourite book, my old darling.
And it's there with me chapter and verse.
Our promise to love and to cherish.
Till death, and for better or worse.

It's a wonderful book, my old darling.
And we wrote it as one, you and I.
Now I'm waiting for its happy ending.
And that too will come, bye and bye.

Though I'm left here alone, my old darling.
I will not let our life's story end.
For there's part of it still to be written.
The last chapter is yet to be penned.

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