An Answer To My Prayers?

by Kerry Sugden
(Longview,Texas U.S.)

An Answer to My Prayers?
Written by Kerry Sugden in memory of my loving husband, "RON"

I'll never forget that dreadful day, we'd watch our lives unwind,
We never could have guessed at all, it was Cancer in him, they'd find.
All the doctors, all the treatments, and the miles we did travel,
All our efforts seemed in vain-as it continued to unravel.

I know there'll be some sad times, I'll expect we'll shed a tear,
I look forward to an eternal-life, in "that" I feel no fear.
I would not choose to leave you now, but God made this choice for me,
I'm sure he knows what's best for us, in time we both shall see.

Life's over b'fore we know it, it's really a short while,
To live life to it's fullest, and then go out in style.
Praying for a miracle, to happen in my life,
He's answered it already, he gave me you, my wife.

It's up to us to travel, the road that we've been given,
So, we can get busy dying or we can get busy living.
No one said it would be easy, and I'm certain that it's not,
But God is in my corner, and I'll give it all I got.

I prayed for God to help us, when it put us to the test,
And watched as God gave up His bed, so you, my love, may rest.
I know I reached my lowest, in my search to understand,
God said, "this too, I'll get you through, just take my out-streched hand."

I prayed for God to save you, and hoped your life he'd spare,
He did once more, what He does best, and answered my desperate prayer.
This was not what I expected, I questioned what He's done,
He knows just what I'm going through, He lost his only Son.

Tragedies will happen and we'll question why they do,
It's all a part of God's great big plan and so are me and you.
When tragedy does find you, and tears your life apart,
God never leaves, He's stays right there, just deeper in your heart.

When we reach beyond our troubled doors, and again we're on our way.
Just remember, God's always there for us, it's us that somehow stray.
So when this life has ended, and we begin a life of new,
It's God that got me to those gates and someday He'll walk me through.

I pray that God forgives me, and pray that He still cares,
And do as only He knows best, and answer all my prayers.
Each day gets a little better, in my heart I miss you still,
But God knows where I'm coming from, and I guess He always will.

I miss you & love you "with all my heart," may you rest in God's
arms, until we meet again.........

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Feb 03, 2022
Beautifully written tribute to your Ron
by: Jacqui Amshad

I'm heartbroken for your loss of your beloved husband. Your poem is a wonderfully written tribute and truly shares with us the depth of your love after diagnosis and beyond his gaining his wings. Thank you for sharing it here.

May 09, 2011
by: Shirley Tatum

I found this poem quite moving. Thank you!

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