A Suicide Poem: Why?

by Katy
(georgia, usa)


was there anything,
i could have done?
were there two words i could have said,
to make you re-think it?
family wondering why?
why would you leave something as precious as life behind!?
life is a gift,
a gift from God.
why would you give it all away?
your voice of suicide still haunts me,
in my sleep i hear you, but i can't see your face,
you're like another color turning to grey.
you're fading out of my memories.
i try and touch you,
but you leave this world, leaving me wondering ,
why the hell would you leave me and your family
In memory of Jamie Roper who committed suicide by hanging him self on 12/15/09


Katy, I can't take away any of your pain. But thank you for sharing this. Because anyone who is going through the suicide of their loved one, will find some form of comfort in this poem. How do any of us understand suicide? I just don't know. Maybe others can share with us, their knowledge.
God Bless you,

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Feb 06, 2015
I like it thanks for sharing it with me
by: tj

I love your poem

Nov 25, 2010
Can't Understand Why
by: Anonymous

Some say people die for reasons, but we will never understand why. It could be pain or pressure - we never know.

Some don't understand what the pain feels like.
They can only guess. The image and thoughts will never leave us anything but pain.

My boyfriend tried to kill himself. He almost died. The doctor said he didn't know if he will make it. For a couple of months i cried to think was it me or something else, but we never will know.

Nov 03, 2010
Always wondering Why
by: Anonymous

I have lost a son to suicide a month ago,
he leaves a ten year old daughter.
Trying to explain your pain and helping her
with her lost is unbearable at times,
So WHY WE ALL ASK if and the buts,and the
may be's, we will never know.

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