A Star Falls From The Skies

by Richard John Scarr
(Brighton, East Sussex, England )

It is said:- A new life has occurred
every time somebody dies.
And as their souls rise Heaven's Way.
A Star falls from the skies.

Bringing forth all new beginnings.
Creating life with each new birth.
So those rising souls can take the place,
of each tiny soul that moves to Earth.

And although it's just a lovely myth.
Stars do not need to fall.
For God's Summer Land is infinite.
And there is room enough for all.

And yet-- It's still a lovely thought.
As a Spirit climbs-- a life comes down.
To pass each other in the Veil.
One Heaven sent! One Heaven bound!

And for a while a light will dim.
"To rest in peace," so goes the story.
Then to awaken from their Healing Sleep.
And rise up again in all their glory!

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