A Soldier Died

by Richard John nScarr
(Brighton, East Sussex, England )

A soldier died again today.
He was here-- then he was gone.
And while he made that sacrifice.
At home-- our lives went on.

We didn't know he'd lost his life.
In fact-- we didn't know the man!
Yet he-- and other hero's like him,
keep doing all they can.

To protect the cause of liberty.
No matter what the cost.
Another day-- another sacrifice!
And another brave life lost!

And to him-- and all those like him.
We owe a debt we cannot pay.
For there is no way to make amends.
And they would not ask it anyway!

So we'll keep them ever in our hearts.
And never let their memory die.
For no greater love has any man.
Than he give his life for you and I

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