A Sailor For The Lord

by Richard John Scarr
(Brighton, East Sussex, England)

Go down to the Sea once more, Old Sailor.
For where else would an Old Jack Tar Be?
But riding the waves, and tasting the brine.
Out there, on God's Heavenly Seas.

With fair weather assured every voyage.
No storms. No clouds in the Sky.
And with calm blue waters to sail on.
And ever, bright Stars to steer by.

A fine, sturdy Ship to sail in.
And revered old Shipmates to crew.
And with an Angel riding the Masthead.
And Land, now long out of view.

What more could an Old Mat lo wish for?
Than to serve as a Tar for the Lord.
So welcome, Old Sailor. Now the tide's on the ebb.
And it's an honor to have you aboard.

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