by Richard John Scarr

My friends, may peace be with you.
All religions, cultures, creeds.
And may your God both, bless and guide you.
And satisfy your needs.

May your dreams come to fruition.
And all ambitions be realized.
May you never know frustration.
And hopes take shape before your eyes.

May laughter never leave you.
And any tears you shed, be few.
May good nature be a virtue.
And your friends stay firm and true.

May your worries always leave you,
before the closing of the day.
May you never know a sleepless night.
Or be lost for things to say.

May good health be your companion.
And old age slow to hinder you.
May you never know a day of want,
or pain your whole life through.

May your life be long and happy.
And every moment be well spent.
And may every path you follow,
be a pathway to content.

May every road you travel,
be straight and have no bend.
And may you never have to walk alone.
And may good fortune be your friend.

And when comes the time for you to make
your transition up above.
May it be serene and peaceful.
In the arms of one you love.

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