A Lonely Walk

by Richard John Scarr
(East Sussex, Brighton, England)

We walk together in the park,
and watch the kids at play.
We sit together on a bench.
As we do every day.

There is no conversation.
No words we can impart.
I watch your desolation,
with an ever aching heart.

If only I could let you know,
you do not walk alone.
I'm with you every step you take.
I would never leave you on your own.

But it's even worse when evening comes,
and shadows start to creep.
You sit there staring into space.
And sometimes too, you weep.

I know you miss me very much.
But it would do no good to say:
"Look-! I'm sitting here beside you!"
You cannot see or hear me anyway.

And so, we must be patient.
And time, we both must bide.
And when the good Lord so bequeaths.
We'll move together to the otherside.

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