A Kind Word Is All It Takes

by Richard John Scarr
(Brighton, East Sussex, England)

You too can be a Healer.
A kind word is all it takes.
Just stop and wish somebody well.
And see the difference that it makes!

Tell them they are looking fine.
Even though they may not be.
A thoughtful word can bring upliftment.
A simple kindness is the key!

For when it comes to doing deeds.
There are two kinds to be had.
But one kindly Healing deed a day.
Is worth a thousand of the bad!

You do not need to lay on hands.
A kindly gesture will suffice.
Which usually brings a grateful smile.
And a: "Thank you! That was nice!"

And if you know of someone near their end,
in torment, fear and strife.
Explain to them, there is no death!
And they will merely move from life, to life!

And if you can bring them peace of mind,
and lay their fears to rest.
And so, help them with their journey home.
That is Healing at its very best!

And to those you give a helping hand.
Be it just to bring them back on par.
Although for you, no thanks are needed.
To them, you are a Star!

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