A Day In Heaven With You

by Richard John Scarr
(Brighton, East Sussex, England )

I didn't want to be here.
Not now that you were gone.
For when God took you from me.
He took all my world was built upon.

And so I asked: "Please let me go!"
So I could be with you.
He had taken everything I had.
So I begged him: "Take me too!"

Night after night I pleaded,
as I lay in deep despair.
And each day I awoke without you,
was more than I could bear.

Then one night in restless sleep
I felt my body rise.
At first I thought it just a dream.
And then I found, to my surprise.

I was floating near the ceiling.
And yet there down below.
I could see myself still sleeping.
How then, could this be so?

And then to my amazement
I found myself in flight.
I was moving through a tunnel,
and travelling up towards a light.

I felt no trepidation
as I journeyed through the veil.
Just a sense of expectation,
and hopes that wonderous things prevail.

Then I emerged into the light,
and there before me lay.
A world of joyous beauty,
mere words cannot convey.

The sun shone in the bluest sky,
above a grass of greenest green.
Sweet perfumes wafted on the air
from blooms, the likes I'd never seen.

Animals of every kind
roamed free both far and near.
Beautiful birds and butterflies
fluttered close without a fear.

Then came the sound of laughter,
of little children as they played.
And frolicked with the animals,
completely unafraid.

I confess-- a moment's panic.
But those kids showed no alarm.
For they knew those beasts were gentle souls.
And would would never do them any harm.

Around me people smiled and waved
as though I were a friend.
And I quickly learned here in this land,
love and kindness knew no end.

So light of heart I wandered on.
And every step revealed.
That everything I'd ever heard
about this world was real.

And then I heard you call my name.
Oh God--! Could it really be?
I turned-- and you were standing there,
holding out your arms to me.

You were smiling as you always did.
No longer sick, or racked with pain.
And I knew then just how wrong I'd been,
to ever wish you back again.

We held each other close and kissed.
And-- I in that moment, knew.
This thing called death was little more,
than a pause between us two.

And so we spent a lovely day
just walking hand in hand.
But I knew of course, I could not stay.
And would have to leave this Wonderland.

I must go back and bide my time.
But I'd never walk alone.
You would always be there by my side.
And come my time, you'd bring me home.

So I asked God: "Let me take back
the memories of all I've seen."
Then when I wake, I'd know for sure
my day with you was not a dream.

And once again God heard my plea.
For when I awoke, I knew.
That I had really, truly spent.
A day in heaven with you.

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