Funeral Gift Ideas

Here are a selection of funeral gift ideas - or memory takeaways, as I like to call them.  They are not necessary but I have found them to provide a meaningful element to the service.

Amazon is often your best bet for finding ideas, however you may have personal items of your loved one that you might like to hand out;

  • If the deceased was an avid Scrabble player, a scrabble tile could make a great give-away gift.  For the poker player, it might be a poker chip.
  • If the deceased loved to sew, maybe a button from the button jar.   For the fisherman, something from his collection of fishing lures. 
  • A favorite recipe of the deceased, on a recipe card.
  • Scents are very powerful reminders of our loved one.  Pass around the deceased's favorite hand lotion so everyone can put a little on their hands and fill the room with the scent of her signature lotion.
  • Hand out pieces of the deceased's favorite chocolate.  Or favorite candy; jelly beans, lollipops. 

Memory Bracelets

White silicone bracelets come in packages of 50 and say Hope, Faith, Love.

They come in adult and children's sizes.  A lovely handout.

Flower Seeds

Heart shaped paper tags embedded with wild flower seeds.

The poppy symbolizes remembrance.  Poppy seeds, or Forget-Me-Nots, can be handed out as a parting gift, to be planted.

Or Make Your Own Flower Seed packets;

Buy plain envelopes and fill with flower seed.  This would also work for the bird lover, by filling envelopes with bird seed.

Personalized Golf Tees


Mike's Last Round 03-12-16

Infant Gifts

Tiny teddy bears.

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