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it will get better
by: kandi

Hi Megan, I'm Karrington. My family works in the funeral home business and for the record im under the "age of 15". But anyway we've seen people who have gone to be with the lord and all of their pain and stress has gone away. The family may moan and cry but then they relize she's done with all the pain and worry. They also notice if they really love them deep down that they don't have to worry about them hurting anymore and that she is watching over you.

No matter what she will always love you. I lost my grandma and grandpa. Grandpa died when I was 4 and my sister was 2 months. When she asks me what was he like I can't answer her because I can't remember. He had came back from the army as general and he became really sick for 3 years. Whenever we pass that nursing home I break down and when we pass his favorite resturant I break down but I know he is better and not suffering any more.

My grandma passed away 3 years ago. My dad was at work and he called and told my mom for me to go upstairs. He told her she died and when I came back she told me. I was still right there at the kitchen door when she told me I nearly fainted. It felt like my whole body just gave out and my aunt and mom had to pick me up and I cried for hours. Nothing could cheer me up at the funeral. But just remember she's in a better place and she sounds like a wonderful mother to have. godbless

p.s if this bored you im sorry i tell this to everybody who comes in to make arrangments they would of never thought that would come out of my

much love

soo sorry
by: Anonymous

Dear Meghan'
I lost my mother to cancer two days ago. Please take comfort that she will not be suffering anymore. May God give you strength so you can be strong for your mother and father.

To Meghan, I'm sorry
by: Suzanne Cluff

I am 45, caring for my mom who is 79 dying of cancer. My mom has been bed ridden for about 4 weeks now. No matter what the age, it is still hard. I feel like I will be an orphan when she passes. I know I should be grateful for the time we had together, that's what others say, but I too feel like it's not fair, and that I still need my mother. I'm not sure when your post was written, but you are in my prayers this night. God bless you Meghan. In God's Love, Suzanne. 8-17-09.

remember the love.
by: Tracey

My husband died four weeks ago having battled with cancer for seven years. Our four children have watched the illness progress, our youngest was just 4 at the start and was 11 today. Her Daddy almost always had cancer. Our eldest was 13 at the start and 20 now, she remembers well a time before cancer. There is no comforting words that make it easier, there can't be. All you can do is treasure the love you have for your Mum and the love she has for you it is that which will get you through the days to come how ever dark they may seem. Your Mum and Dad are blessing every minute they have with you. I will pray for you as I pray for my own children in their sorrow. God Bless.

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