"Struggling To Plan A Funeral, Memorial Service or Celebration of Life?"

Planning a funeral, a Memorial Service or Celebration of Life,  comes at a difficult time.

You are aching like a broken rib, time is at a premium, and it’s the last thing you feel capable of. 

Grieving families are often rushed into making frantic, last minute decisions; deciding on the service, the music, the program, the poetry, the video.  

All while you are completely emotionally bankrupt.

How Creative Funeral Ideas Can Help

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Many families are choosing to have a memorial service or celebration of life, instead of a funeral, because it allows them to customize the service and honor the life of their loved one in a way that is unique to them.

The secret to a not-to-be forgotten service is to tell the story of the deceased.  

Honoring the achievements of your loved one and celebrating the life you shared together.

Do you understand the significance of this?

I have seen people living a life sentence of regret after the funeral, as they simply held a generic service, with no attempt to celebrate the uniqueness of their loved one. 

A service should celebrate the life but recognize the death.  Acknowledge the pain and give family and friends the right to cry, weep and deal with grief.

This is the cornerstone of the beginning of the healing after loss.

Where To Start

Most folks are completely bewildered at where to start with the planning.

Do you ever wonder why some funeral services are head and shoulders above others?  Nowadays, everything in our lives is scripted, planned and rehearsed – except funerals.  

You Have Instant Access To Our Tools

You have instant access to the most useful chest of tools, creative ideas and secrets to help you plan a funeral, memorial service or celebration of life.

Since 2007 Creative Funeral Ideas has been offering folks instant access to help and guidance in their service planning - all in one place.

The Funeral Tutor

Susan, Certified Funeral Celebrant

My name is Susan Kelly, and I am a Certified Funeral Celebrant.  A Celebrant serves by planning a funeral service that is as individual as fingerprints; reflecting the unique personality and life of the deceased.

Impersonal generic funerals do not help the family heal.  People want to express how much the deceased meant to them and how much they are going to miss them.

Whether it be:

there is  help here for your service.

Who Uses Creative Funeral Ideas?

This site provides you with all the necessary steps and information to help you plan a personalized tribute that fits your loved one and family.  To celebrate your precious memories and to help you say goodbye.

Most of my visitors to the site are individuals planning the service of their loved one, predominately from United States, Canada, England and Australia.  Some are planning their own service, before they pass on, to make things easier for their family.  

Nowadays, many people have drifted from, or do not have a religious affiliation.   

And many believe in God or a universal spirit and feel a deep connection with nature and the earth but do not wish to use a church or clergy person. 

Some folks believe in a higher power but only wish to use a member of the clergy for an opening and closing prayer.   

And many members of the clergy and funeral directors also use this site to help with creative ideas for their service.

Nowadays, the ideal celebration consists of favorite songs, stories, poems, photographs, tears, and yes…laughter.

Creative Funeral Ideas can help turn the typical cookie cutter Funeral, Memorial Service, or Celebration of Life, into;

  • a personalized true celebration of their life, 
  • honoring the fullness of their life, 
  • reflecting on what their life meant, 
  • how they will be remembered
  • and will not be forgotten.

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