Top Funeral Songs

There was a time when the top funeral songs were hymns.   There is nothing more solemn than organ music. 

Well those days are long gone.

The Purpose of  Funeral Songs

In times of sorrow, the top funeral songs can say what the heart finds no words for.

Music is love.   Music soothes the soul and  helps portray your loved one's life. 

Songs are a wonderful source of healing. And it is as necessary to the service as  the flower needs the sun.

It can be a song that describes the deceased.  Or how greatly their death affects so many.   It can remind the attendees of good times in the past they enjoyed together.

During the service, a favorites song of your beloved, may be played, interspersed between eulogies and readings.  If possible, I  like to let the audience know  that the song selected was important to the deceased and explain why. 

The funeral music can have a potent effect on your guests emotions.

The Effect of  Funeral Songs

Songs played at funerals can help express how greatly your loved one will be missed.  How they ' sparkled like a diamond'.   Or were 'true as a compass' and 'simply the best'!   The selection of funeral songs can make you smile... or cause you to cry.

When it comes to funeral songs, the goal is to select ones that help the attendees reflect on and remember the life that was, and the passing of time. 

As guests arrive for the service,  quiet background music can be playing to set the mood and allow attendees to quietly reflect on the life of the deceased.

Some songs played at funerals are spiritual,  or celebrating one's belief of heaven, and life after death.

In the event of suicide, songs could be selected to provide comfort and hope, and possibly some form of understanding the why.

In the unfortunate death of a child, the right song for the funeral or memorial service of a child helps us to see life through a child's eyes - the fair and just way a child sees it.

A  favorite song may be played in the background of the funeral video tribute of your beloved’s life.

In religious ceremonies, one or two funeral hymns are sung during the service.

You may, if you like, have a soloist. Or a performance from a profession musician or musicians. Some have bagpipes played at the end of the service .

Taped music is the most common, but I have heard soloists perform, harpists, guitar players, stringed quartet, and bands.

This website has several pages of popular funeral songs in several categories.

There is no right music that suits all. The songs played at funerals are as varied as the individual that was.

And that's what this day is all about.

This is a time to celebrate the soundtrack of the deceased's life!

You'll find a large selection of:

Currently The Most Favorite Funeral Songs in North America 

There's no end to the imagination of songs. It can be a combination of a favorite song or songs of the deceased, and meaningful songs to the family members left behind.

For example the deceased may have loved Louis Armstrong's It's A Wonderful World, and the surviving son may find solace in the poignant words of Neil Young's "Old man take a look at myself - I'm a lot like you were." 

Funeral Photo Video Tributes:

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