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We are constantly hunting for the latest and most up-to-date creative funeral ideas. Technology continues to offer more and more creative ideas!

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Funeral Photo Video Presentation

Looking for creative funeral ideas for a photo presentation? Say goodbye to humdrum Powerpoint presentations. Now you can create stunning photo video presentations.

Animoto takes your pictures, analyzes your music background, and melds the two together in a way that feels somewhat like a MTV video.

Digital Photo Frame

"For my father's funeral, my sister Barbara purchased a digital photo frame and downloaded pictures depicting our father's life over his 89 years. It was placed to the left of the casket where family and friends could reflect on his life. Later, it was set up at the reception displaying pictures of the entire family over the years." 

- Gloria, New York

Photo Memory Books for Funerals or Memorial Services

You might consider compiling a Photo Memory Book, for the funeral or memorial service. By setting it up on a table at the reception, people can view at their leisure. Nowadays, you can create beautiful Memory Books with your photos of your loved one, with help from online programs. For a review of web-based funeral memory photo books available, click here.

Profession Printing and Binding with Lay-flat Pages

Creative Coffins

These distinctive designed cartonboard coffins provide for a more eco-friendly funeral. More importantly, the range of styles will help you find a design that truly reflects the personality of your loved one!

Sunflower coffin
Coffins montage
slotmachine coffin

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"Oh, that I had the wings of a dove! I would fly away and be at rest." 

- Psalm 55:6

It has been said that doves carry the soul of our beloved to heaven. Doves are often depicted on gravestones , representing the eternal peace of the departed.

When doves fly away at the end of a service it somehow yields a sense of closure.

A final goodbye. 

When a child is taken from us at too young an age, the fear is that they will be forgotten.

Give out a button with their photo on it to everyone who attends the service. This is something people will keep. 

Do you have home movies trapped inside old boxes in garages, attics and closets, fading away... waiting to be converted “some day”?

At times like this - when a loved one dies - we realize how precious these memories are. And how important it is to preserve them for future generations.

Make your memories last forever.  This company will digitize your old home movies.

As part of the celebration of someone's life we are used to using cakes to mark special events. There is no doubt that a funeral is an equally special event which can be marked by a specially created cake see Creative Funeral Food that will not only mark the occasion in a celebratory worry but can also be a solemn creation that will make any funeral a little bit different but more memorable at the same time. 

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