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Free Obituary Template

This free obituary template, will help you write the obituary. It is recommended to read other obituaries in the newspaper to give you a good idea of what is typically written.

Our free obituary template, will ensure that you don't make some very serious mistakes when writing the obituary. Otherwise you may unknowingly enable credit fraud scam artists to rip off your loved one's identity.

The most despicable of crimes, it is happening regularly, where these crooks scan the obituaries for information.


  • Don't include the actual day and month of birth. Only use the year.
  • Don't put the address in obituaries. Aside from preventing identity theft, you don't want thieves to visit the house, helping themselves while you're at the funeral.
  • Don't include the mother's maiden name; people often use this for passwords


I know you have tons of things to thing about at this time, however please take the time to do the following, to help prevent the identity theft of your loved one:

  • Promptly notify the Social Security Administration of the death.
  • Mail copies of the death certificate to all three credit-reporting bureaus — Equifax, Experian and TransUnion — and all credit issuers to cancel accounts right after the person dies.
  • Contact Motor Vehicles to cancel any driver's license and prevent duplicates from being issued.
  • By law, you are entitled a free credit report from all three main bureaus every year. Several weeks following the death, use this service — at www.annualcreditreport.com — to run a credit report on the deceased to ensure there's no suspicious activity.

Free Obituary Template


Year of Birth:_______________________________________________

Place of Birth:______________________________________________

Date of Death:______________________________________________

Parents' Names:_____________________________________________

Spouse's or Significant Other's Name:______________________________

Children's Names (and Spouses): Often the spouse's name is put in brackets.


Grandchildren's Names:_______________________________________

Brothers and Sisters:__________________________________________



Organizations and Memberships:_________________________________

Awards, Honors, Achievements:__________________________________

Additional Information: You may want to include cause of death, description of the deceased's character.


Charitable Request: Some prefer in lieu of flowers a donation to a cause that was important to the deceased.


We have included a pdf file for you to download to provide you:

An Outline For An Obituary

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