The Best Funeral Poems

This is a selection of some of the best funeral poems that are suitable for reading at funerals and memorial services. 

Grief in any circumstance can be difficult to articulate. Through poetry you are able to express some of what you are feeling

Some funeral poems express sorrow and seek comfort, while others meditate on death, grief, loss and mortality. 

Best Funeral Poems:

The following is one of my favorite funeral poems.  It is a wonderful opening poem for the funeral or memorial service.   It immediately acknowledges the death, setting the tone as to why everyone has gathered together.

A Death Has Occurred  

A death as occurred and everything is changed.
We are painfully aware that life can never be the same again,
That yesterday is over,
That relationships once rich have ended.

But there is another way to look upon this truth.
If life now went on the same,
Without the presence of the one who had died,
we could only conclude that the life we remember
made no contribution,
filled no space,
meant nothing.

The fact that this person left behind a place
that cannot be filled is a high tribute to this individual.

Life can be the same after a trinket has been lost,
but never after the loss of a treasure.

By Paul Irion

The following is another favorite funeral poem.  I like to insert the deceased's name in the third line from the bottom to make it personable. This is particularly appropriate for someone who has died of an accident or illness.  If you are reading it aloud in the service, practice it aloud a few times to ensure you don't stumble on any of the words.   Again this is an excellent poem to open the service. 



You promised me you'd always be there.

You sat there, in that chair and promised me.

Large as life, ebullient, robust;

they were the words that sealed your promise

You stood by the shore

As we laughed and squealed with delight as

you picked up rocks and tossed them with ease

Splashing us with expectations of your invincibility.

You were invincible. weren't you Daddy?

Or was it just a trick of time

That made me believe that you could live forever?

by David Chadwick Rites of Passage

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