Struggling for Creative Ideas For A Funeral,  Memorial Service,
or Celebration of Life?

Are you searching for creative ideas for planning a funeral, memorial service, or celebration of life, and don't know where to turn? 

Planning for a funeral is often at a time when we are least ready.

Grieving families are often forced to make frantic, last-minute-decisions; deciding on the type of service, the music, the flowers, poetry, and program.

All of this happens at a time when it is the last thing family members feel capable of. is a complete resource for Funerals, Memorial Services, or Celebrations of Life, to help you cope with the service planning, with everything you need - all in one place.

We can help you create a service that is one-of-a-kind and portrays the unique story of your loved one's life.


 Even the most creative person can find it stressful when coping with all of the decisions that must be made. Trying to honor the memory of your beloved can be very overwhelming. 

With our help, you can turn the typical cookie-cutter funeral, or memorial service, or Celebration of Life, into a personalized true celebration of their life, and  honouring the memories you have been left with.

Whether it be:

we can help you with your service.

You Have Instant Access To The Most Useful Chest of Tools and Money Saving Ideas To Help You Plan A Funeral or Memorial Service. We like to call it a Celebration of Life.

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Families are designing a service that reflects the life of the deceased: it  may be a simple religious service, focusing on the hereafter, or - what we are seeing more and more non-religious, with the focus more on celebrating the life that was.

People want to express how much the deceased meant to them and how much they are going to miss them. It is a time for family and friends to share their memories, as impersonal, generic funerals do not help the family heal.

For many, the ideal celebration consists of favorite songs, stories, photographs, tears, and yes...laughter. 

It is a way for you to to celebrate your precious memories and to say goodbye. will help you with your planning. 

Creative Funeral Ideas
A resource of creative ideas for funeral and memorial services to help you with the latest ideas in planning. Ideas for poems, songs, eulogies, program templates, service outlines, sympathy notes.
Best Funeral Poems
The best funeral poems are often as much about life as they are about death and grief.
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Funeral Readings
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Checklist for Funeral Arrangements
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Share Your Ideas
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Do You Have A Favorite Poem or Song?
Favorite poems, songs, and readings by our readers.
Funeral Etiquette
Funeral Etiquette rules
How To Write An Eulogy
When you present the right eulogy - an eulogy that brings out the positive and great memories of the your loved one - you can completely transform the mood of the funeral.
Creative Funeral Service Ideas
I's no secret the funeral service is undergoing a make-over. We have a number of creative funeral service ideas.
Products have designed these products to help you create a unique, heart-warming funeral, memorial service or celebration of life.
Sample Funeral Service Programs
A selection of sample funeral service programs to plan your funeral service or memorial service program
Funeral Program Template
Using your own funeral program template gives tremendous comfort while preparing for the funeral. The secret to creating a masterful program is the love that goes into it....
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Creative Funeral Ideas
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"Thank you so much for providing this site. I was able to find songs and poems to help me with my mother's funeral.

Last night as I scanned all the helpful ideas, I was inspired to write a much more personal eulogy than I ever could have had I not found your web site.

We lost our Dad 9 years ago and had a pretty generic funeral. I feel truly blessed to be giving Mom a service that is so personalized."

Thanks again.

K Susan Jasper 



I cannot thank you enough for all the useful information we have found on your website. It has saved us hours of stress at such a difficult time. thanks again.